Insights Marketing Day – put your money where your mouth is

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Insights Marketing Day – put your money where your mouth is
Posted on March 17, 2017 by Lucy Davison

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For those of you who could not join the 75 insights marketing professionals who were at Insights Marketing Day in London, here’s the low-down:

Insights marketing day is a unique event in the MRX calendar as it is entirely focused on helping data, research and insight professionals improve their marketing. Something we at Mustard are rather motivated about. Run by GreenBook (the people who brought you IIeX), IMD has so far taken place in New York three times, London twice and Chicago once. There will be more – so watch this space!

The idea is both to inspire insights marketers, and to give them (us!) great tactical advice to improve our marketing. It’s a great opportunity to learn and share with other marketers in the industry. This year highlights included presentations on ‘Thought Leadership in a Thoughtless World’ from Tom Ewing of System1, ‘7 Ways to Nudge Your Copy Towards More Conversion’ by copy expert Dan Brotzel, and ‘The Future of Social Media’ by Priscilla McKinney of Little Bird Marketing. There were also two panels – one of leading agencies and suppliers with Christophe Ovaere (ZappiStore), Jane Bloomfield (Millward Brown), Jack Miles (Chime Insight & Engagement Group), & Ralph Risk (Lightspeed) and one of clients titled ‘How to Talk to Me – What Clients Really Think of Your Marketing’ with panelists Christian Brent (Fox Networks Group), Simon Scholes (ITV), Sarah Lansberry (Experian), & Ian Wright (Transport Focus). So, there was a great deal of opportunity to ask questions and interrogate speakers.

Here’s a write up about the event by Jack Miles, of Chime Insight & Engagement: Insights Marketing Day – Are You Doing it Right?

Our very own Colonel Mustard Lucy Davison started the day with ‘Through the looking glass: How does MRX marketing measure up?’ a presentation about some research we at Mustard recently undertook with FocusVision, designed to understand marketing problems and investment of agencies and suppliers in the US and the UK. The results showed that there are three things MRX marketers struggle with in particular, oh, and that very few companies are investing sufficiently in marketing (in both time and money).

If you want to find out what the three things are, and to see if you are investing enough in your marketing, Lucy will be giving a reprieve of this presentation for ESOMAR at a webinar on 4th May at 4pm – register here.