Remarkable turnout from Viz-Fest 2016 (recordings are available now!)

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Remarkable turnout from Viz-Fest 2016 (recordings are available now!)
Posted on November 24, 2016 by Braden MacDonald

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Viz-Fest, our four-day online festival, uncovered the latest in data viz & insight communications. For our second year running in partnership with E-Tabs, Viz-Fest pulled in a whopping 2,000 registrants (double that of last year)! We brought together 13 industry experts to give you practical guidance on to how to create communications with impact and improve your data visualization – vital tools in giving your insights impact in the boardroom.


Did you miss it? Recordings are now available for the four days here.

Viz-Fest 2016 programme:

Day 1: Visual Branding and Identity
– Understand the role good visual branding has to play in improving the world of market research
– Discover the importance of an internal brand strategy to increase staff engagement and ensure a smooth customer experience for your clients
– Elevate your project beyond a ‘piece of research’ by branding your insights

Day 2: Deliverables and Communications
– Achieve clarity and visual appeal with the simplest changes to PowerPoint
– Learn to future proof and automate your client report templates
– Simplify complex messages and keep stakeholders engaged through the DIY creativity
– Use immersive techniques to grow engagement with stakeholders

Day 3: Data Visualization & Dashboards
– Deliver a visual representation of data to a person without perfect vision
– Discover data driven info graphics
– Learn the implications of having real-time updates and whether you need real-time or near-time dashboards

Day 4: Storytelling
– Find out a storytelling solution to getting frontline teams to recognise the areas where they don’t meet customer expectations
– Explore how you can be insights rich by applying insights from behavioural economics into storytelling (Anthony Tasgal’s book “The Storytelling Book” is also available on Amazon)
– Explore how you can provide a concrete resolution to your story

We look forward to Viz-Fest 2017 and will be in touch with updates regarding dates and conference programme. In the meantime you can keep up with all things insight communication and data visualization through our Twitter account @Viz_Fest.