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Story Category: Design

Aspen Finn takes flight Posted on March 18, 2021 by Simon Dunn

When 20|20 Research wanted to create a stand-alone brand for their full-service consultancy division they asked us for help. The challenge was where and how to position them. First, we looked at the competition and then we dug deep into their offer to understand what made them different. We shared our thinking with them in a creative brainstorming session which the CEO described as “the best workshop session I have ever attended’”. We took the learnings from our workshop and,

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Raising a beast Posted on July 15, 2020 by Simon Dunn

After agreeing a creative brief to keep us on track, we worked on concepts, drawing lots of sketches of beasts, some of which you can see here. Once we agreed on the right concept, we converted from paper into the computer, made design tweaks and developed the variations of the logo for use at small sizes, for example as favicons. Tom unveiled the logo when he spoke at our Insights Marketing Day event in London and subsequently launched it officially

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Editorial structure and clarity for the Greenbook blog Posted on January 25, 2019 by Simon Dunn

Organising rich editorial content so that it is super clear and easy to navigate has become a major problem for online news outlets. We rationalised GreenBook’s editorial material and worked with them to prioritize the hierarchy of content on the site, simplifying it and ensuring the user journey was excellent. We also streamlined their design, using the new logo we had developed for the GRIT report and implementing it for GreenBook as a whole. The result has been vastly improved

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Powerful content marketing generates valuable leads for KnowledgeHound Posted on by Simon Dunn

When KnowledgeHound approached us to help support their new product launch, we proposed a white paper around the theme of ‘the challenge in communicating insight to a wider audience’ with commentary from our friends at Twitter, Coca-Cola and Kadence International. We set up and completed the interviews, then used the insights to create a professionally-designed, downloadable white paper on how to ensure your data has impact, using KnowledgeHound’s distinctive style and branding. We also created two further blogs on communicating

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Branding and launching the latest technology Posted on January 24, 2019 by Simon Dunn

When Network Research wanted to launch their new bespoke management tool, we needed to come up with a name and identity that was visually linked to the parent company yet stood out in a crowded market place. Through a workshopping process with our client we named the tool ‘Fabric’, a reference to its purpose of weaving together various data sources and tailoring information to meet individual users’ needs. Subsequently we designed the brand, physical promotional material, an online banner ad

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Improving perceptions for financial analysts Posted on January 18, 2019 by Simon Dunn

Having launched a new website, service-oriented investment company August Equity needed a PowerPoint template that was visually in line with their branding. But more importantly they needed a template that would enable them to overcome their frustrations with PowerPoint and communicate complex data with impact and clarity. After an initial consultation meeting to identify the challenges, we built a new template which took branding cues from the new website, creating its colours and graphical elements in PowerPoint. Through a process

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Generating clickable content Posted on November 22, 2018 by Simon Dunn

We worked with the Research Now team to design the research to ensure the insights would support our work in the media and carried out the data analysis to focus the resulting stories which we pitched out, resulting in extensive coverage. We then wrote and designed an e-book to share the insights, created a supporting email campaign and finally created the presentation for use at the event. Research Now got more leads for this project than they had ever had

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Branding the merger of two international companies Posted on by Simon Dunn

When the world’s two leading, shopper and packaging insight companies merged they came to us to build their strategy and messaging. Our initial work focused on what the two existing company brands stood for, and how to integrate the best of both. We ran a workshop in Paris with the new executive board to help bring the team together and articulate the new values and personality of the merged business. We built on this to create a new merged brand

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