Welcome to the Mustard fold, L&E Research!

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Welcome to the Mustard fold, L&E Research!
Posted on September 26, 2017 by Braden MacDonald

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US-based L&E Research specialises in qualitative recruitment services. By partnering with leading global technology providers, L&E offers all market research solutions in one place, from focus group facilities to online qualitative technologies.

L&E President Brett Watkins said, “L&E sought Mustard’s expertise in writing campaigns to help strengthen our connections with clients, so the team helped us put together a multi-part campaign including white papers, webinars, email and press releases to highlight our expertise in the qualitative research sector.”

So how did we come up with a plan? First, we relied on our knowledge of the data, insight and research industry. We know that independent consultant qualitative researchers walk a tightrope. Margins for error are narrow, and minor mistakes made when conducting a qualitative research project can have a huge impact on the client relationship. And when a consultant is only working with a few clients at a time, deterioration in that relationship can have serious repercussions. So this is a high-pressure environment for independent consultants and therefore it is vital these researchers completely trust their partners and technology suppliers to be able to respond to their needs, and get their side of the commitment done right the first time.

To leverage the researcher’s need for trust and confidence, we recommended a series of content pieces to detail the major steps and considerations in the life cycle of a qualitative research project, the technology that is available to the researcher to support each step, and where L&E fits into the process.le

This idea was executed through L&E trust guides – a series of six cohesive documents to offer everything qualitative researchers need to know about each step of the qualitative research process – from one trusted source.

We named this campaign ‘The Six Steps to Perfect Qual.’

Want to check out the first white paper? Download ‘Step 1: Qualitative Research Design’ here.