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Revolutionising data-led presentations Posted on May 9, 2024 by Simon Dunn

We conducted a thorough audit of all outputs used to understand how to improve deliverables and how to inject impact into the process. We identified over 31 frequently used chart types and created best-practice, easy-to-use, standardised versions and templates. We then coached each data analyst on design principles and the use of the new templates.

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InsightsNow’s journey to create a distinctive brand positioning Posted on by Simon Dunn

Harnessing the collective wisdom of client interviews and interactive workshops with InsightsNow’s senior leaders, we embarked on a journey to uncover the essence of their brand. Delving deep into competitive analysis and scrutinising existing content, we used our proven frameworks to identify the core message that would resonate most with clients and prospects and crafted a full positioning statement, messaging strategy and elevator pitch.

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Leading the conversation using consumer insights Posted on by Simon Dunn

Over a transformative two-year partnership, we collaborated with Buzzback to build an impactful thought leadership programme and targeted premium food and beverage and CPG publications through PR activity.

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Helping Adobe revolutionise the impact of consumer insights Posted on by Simon Dunn

We conducted a thorough content audit (length, quality, consistency, visuals, channels, and formats) and scored and compared content to other global organisations. Following interactive workshops with the team to fully explore their communication needs and key channels, we were able to put together clear communication guidelines and templates to help the team improve impact.

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Helping Sanofi humanise insights to inspire customer-centricity Posted on by Simon Dunn

Working closely with the global CX Insights team we created a new brand, Humankind, to make insights more memorable and accessible across the business. We brought the brand to life with an ongoing campaign and communication stream, sharing relevant insights in multiple formats; new logo, a series of videos, infographics, articles, whitepapers, and a newsletter.

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How we democratised data for Bic Posted on January 27, 2023 by Braden MacDonald

When international consumer goods company Bic wanted to create a data platform combining their sources across all markets, the solution was OneView. However, with the data team focused on building OneView and integrating multiple sources into the platform, they had little time to think about communicating the value of the platform and getting their stakeholders engaged. Our client, Debra Mednick, found out fast that it is not a case of ‘build it and they will come’. The whole point of

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Our innovative approach to global segmentation activation helped increase sales by 15% Posted on May 31, 2022 by Simon Dunn

Digging deep into the local nuances of each segment we created an internal communications programme to engage sales and marketing. We crafted compelling stories and an avatar for each segment and used a ‘Top Trumps’ scoring system to highlight key characteristics. Engagement toolkit: Videos, infographics, treasure hunt game, posters, presentations, stickers, Teams backgrounds… Driving sales and impact - Sales increased by 15% in 12 month - Enhanced consumer engagement from the sales team - More targeted communications and promotion from

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Communicating research internally at Nestlé Purina EMENA Posted on October 25, 2021 by Simon Dunn

With brands including Felix®, Purina ONE®, Gourmet®, Pro Plan® and Friskies®, Purina has been making pets' lives better all over the world through its range of pet food brands and advice for over 75 years. Insights worth shouting about To maximise the impact, Nestlé Purina EMENA Insights team wanted to make sure the data was widely received and recognised across the organisation in Europe. So they approached Keen as Mustard to create a communication campaign to share the results within

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Placing the consumer at the heart of Coca-Cola Western Europe Posted on January 30, 2019 by Simon Dunn

We reviewed existing content and conducted a study to uncover the most effective communication channels, testing headlines, subject matter and content across infographics, videos, animations and podcasts as well as PowerPoint. Our work provided compelling ways to attract attention and summarise key information. Our research found that infographics and regular newsletters were most effective.

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